This page will illustrate the progress made in restoring an old music instrument - an Ondes Martenot  Model V, built in 1961/62.

This instrument is similar to the Theremin in so far as it also uses radio frequency to generate audible frequencies by mixing two much higher, but slightly different frequencies. The result of this is the sum of both frequencies, with can't be heard either, and the difference. By using one fixed-frequency oscillator and one which is tunable one can generate frequencies all through the audible range.

While the Theremin uses antennas which the player approaches with his hands to influence frequency and volume, the Ondes Martenot has a classic piano keyboard or, and that is almost unique to this instrument, a ribbon which is moved along the keyboard by the player by means of a finger ring. Thereby all frequencies and not only half-tone steps can be produced.

On my website I will concentrate on the technical aspects of the Ondes Martenot, beginning with a photo gallery of a Model 5 instrument waiting to be restored. The gallery will be continued whenever I make progress in this job.

Hint: click on the images to open the gallery view. If an image frame stays blank, click back and forth to reload the image

Bad Capacitors All Over
Loose Coupling near Variable Capacitor
Drawer - Switches Need Some Rework
Ondes Martenot opened up
Variable Oscillator
Mains Voltage Safety Flaw
Questionable Wiring Condition
The Only Semiconductor (by now...)

For more information, especially of musical and historical nature, please have a look at

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